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The Handpan scene has grown in the last years. Enthusiastic newcomers as well as professional musicians have learned to play and appreciate handpans. You can find handpans as part of orchestras, in the electronic music scene or like Yatao as an independent instrument in world music / ambient acoustic.

As the demand for handpans is constantly growing, a variety of makers have appeared on the market. Different designs, materials, scales and sizes offer a wealth of customization and unique selling points for the different makers. This is a wonderful development and gives us handpan musicians new ways to integrate the instrument into genres and compositions. Handpans are hard to manufacture and the craft is an art in itself. Handpan makers who master their art are still rare and often the instruments are sold out months in advance. Despite the increasing popularity, high quality handpans remain exclusive.

That's why we have ceated the Yatao Shop. Our goal is to make it easy to get access to the best handpan makers and to explain the art and intricacies behind the handpan as vividly as possible. This makes the Yatao Shop unique. But: Taste is always subjective and we cannot guarantee that we will always meet yours. But we promise that we will give our best! That's exactly why transparency is important to us. When selecting products in the Yatao Shop, we draw on our many years of experience in the industry. We try to describe our experiences, hints, tips & tricks in detail, so that you can find the best fitting handpan for you.

And who are "we"? Band mates, classmates, brothers, neighbours...four music-loving friends with different talents like organisation, building up an online shop and just playing Handpan. Our journey together starts now and we also have a lot to learn. We hope that the Yatao Shop will bring you added value and we are grateful for any feedback or ideas how to make the experience even better.