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Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9
Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9

Ayasa C# Pygmy Ember 9

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Hardly any scale has entered our lives as suddenly as this one. During a visit to Ralf and the team of Ayasa Instruments we played this special scale for the first time and have fallen in love directly. C# Pygmy is super dreamy and easy to play. You cannot really play anything unpleasant, which makes it easy to just play and follow you own, calm flow while it reveals its beauty to you detail after detail.

It is THE scale of the year 2020 for us and we are happy to offer it to you here. Ayasa is the inventor and creator of the new material 'ember steel'. It has reached big popularity amongst players and makers alike since it promises to combine the stable features of nitrided steel and the sustain from stainless steel instruments.

We have to say we totally love the material and Ayasa is doing a great job working it and making it sound rich, warm, with a nice long sustain, well balanced, accurate, crystal clear...Oh we can hardly stop telling you how nice this is!

Note: All our handpans include now the Yatao softbag. Handpans are unique handcrafted instruments - therefore the surface color and structure varies.

Key and note fields
KeyC# - minor
Note fieldsC# - F#, G#, A, C#, E, F#, G#, A
Note before the dash is a Ding
Kammerton440 Hz
More information about the maker Ayasa
A lot has changed since we first visited Ralf in 2016 in his workshop. In the meantime Ayasa consists of a team of 7 people, who are working on the further development of the Handpan. We developed the scale "Ashakiran" together with him some years ago and since then it is one of the main scales in our concert set.
More information
Diameter53 cm
MaterialEmber steel



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