Learn how to play Handpan

Is it difficult to learn to play the Handpan?

In contrast to other instruments the Handpan is a very easy-to-learn instrument. This is true for experienced musicians as well as for anyone who thinks he is unmusical or untalented. Because of the comparatively few tones on a handpan and the characteristic of "being in tune", one cannot hit the wrong notes. Even if the correct striking technique needs practice, it is easy to keep motivation and enthusiasm while learning. At the same time, playing quickly sounds pleasant for third parties.

Handpan Workshops

A very effective way to learn how to play Handpan or to improve are workshops. To get a taste of what they are like, Yatao regularly offers short playing sessions as part of our music tours. Deeper and more intensive are the 3-7 day workshops, which give you the opportunity to try out a variety of handpans and to make real progress in your solo and group play. Yatao organizes these workshops completely independently and are happy to share special days in a nice accommodation with delicious, vegan food. More info here! 

Learn to play handpan online

Online learning is becoming more and more popular. Here too, students who are willing to learn will find what they are looking for - Master The Handpan by David Charrier:

David is a veteran of the Handpan scene, one of the reasons why we started playing in the first place. When he published his first online courses in 2016, he paved the way for many new, established Handpan artists* and with his very well structured videos he created a new way to learn to play these wonderful instruments easily and quickly. We are more than happy to present Maltes Masterclass on Master The Handpan:

If you're feeling unsure of how to begin with this instrument or just want some useful tips to get started quickly, I'm here to guide you on your journey. Together, we'll explore my favorite grooves, most famous songs, the meditative qualities of playing and of course I'll share my approach to improvisation and composition with you!

Which Handpan is the right instrument for me?

There is no general answer to this question. Maybe it is the scale, maybe the timbre, maybe the texture and the haptic feeling. 

On the following pages we describe the characteristics of a handpan, we explain the music-theoretical structure of Handpans, explain scales and much more. This should help you to find the right Handpan for you. And if you have any questions - we are always available for you and are happy to support you.

Have fun!