Learn how to play Handpan

Is it difficult to learn to play the Handpan?

In contrast to other instruments the Handpan is a very easy-to-learn instrument. This is true for experienced musicians as well as for anyone who thinks he is unmusical or untalented. Because of the comparatively few tones on a handpan and the characteristic of "being in tune", one cannot hit the wrong notes. Even if the correct striking technique needs practice, it is easy to keep motivation and enthusiasm while learning. At the same time, playing quickly sounds pleasant for third parties.

 Option 1 Learn to play handpan online - The Malte Marten Method

We are very excited to present the best online ressource and learning program for handpans to date: The Malte Marten Method. Over the last years Malte taught his approach to playing handpan to over 3000 students. This knowledge and experience is destilled in more than 150 videos. But this is not all. The course encompasses:

  • Online learning environment
  • Self-paced online course
  • Weekly calls to check-in with the community
  • Comprehensive E-book for offline practice
  • Suitable for all devices

The Handpan Fundamentals Online Course is perfect for anyone fascinated by handpan playing and looking to improve their skills. Whether you're a complete beginner, never touched a handpan before, or someone with experience aiming to take your playing to the next level, this course provides comprehensive guidance suitable for all levels. It's your ultimate tool to play freely, connect with your inner emotions, and authentically express yourself through music.

If you want to learn handpan playing, enhance your musical abilities, unleash your creativity, delve into meditative playing, or experiment with different patterns, then this course is tailor-made for you.

We've made every effort to make the course as comprehensive as possible. We cover everything from basic techniques to advanced skills to help you unfold your full potential as a handpan player and musician. We highly recommend checking out the Hanpdan Fundamentals course. More information.

Want to try it out first? No problem, check out the FREE Mini Class to get a feeling for the Malte Marten Method.

Option 2 Handpan Workshops

A very effective way to learn how to play Handpan or to improve are workshops. To get a taste of what they are like, Yatao regularly offers short playing sessions as part of our music tours. Deeper and more intensive are the 3-7 day workshops, which give you the opportunity to try out a variety of handpans and to make real progress in your solo and group play. Yatao organizes these workshops completely independently and are happy to share special days in a nice accommodation with delicious, vegan food. More info here!