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The Yatao Handpan Shop

From beginner-friendly to sophisticated and rare - we offer high quality but affordable handpans and pantams that we play ourselves and can wholeheartedly recommend.
You will also find handpan care oil and soft- and hardcase handpan bags from Namana as well as practical stools, stands and handpan jewlery.

Our Concept

We love and live handpans! Based on our yearlong experience as musicians and deep knowledge about handpan makers worldwide, we are happy to present you a carefully chosen variety of handpans, their makers and selected accessories.

You will find unique and rare handpans, a guide about how to choose and learn to play your handpan and much more like the percussive calabasse.

Discover all handpans

Unique Handpans

Beginner or professional musician, we are proud to present you a wide range of unique handpans for your skill level.

Carefully Chosen & Selected

We value quality over quantity! We are happy to offer a small but unique and special selection of handpans and handpan bags.

On Stock & Ready to Ship

No email lists or waiting time - we only sell what we have on stock, regularly get new handpans and ship world wide!

Meet the Makers We Trust

Through years of experience in the handpan world we know a large number of handpan makers all over the world. We are proud to present you a selection of the most beautiful handpans.
Every maker has his/her own story, every instrument is unique. Meet the creators and people who not only make but also innovate our favourite instruments!

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