We are Alex and Malte

Together we call ourselves "Yatao", which translated means "the way to the source". About 6 years ago we got our first instruments and got to know each other shortly afterwards. What was at the beginning a short acquaintance has grown over the years into a deep friendship – profoundly deepend by music. We were able to learn that a joint project can give the strength and commitment to solve even major conflicts. We are often described as "Yin and Yang". This is not only true on the outside. Our temperament and our basic energies are also the two poles of a whole - which definitely creates more tension, but also offers great potential for growth. In this respect "Yatao" does not only stand for a music duo, but also for an attitude towards life.

If you look at the development of our music as the growth of a tree, then in the core, the seed, are the Handpan and the Didgeridoo - because with these two instruments we got to know each other. In the course of time, various percussive instruments were added and we are currently in the process of increasing our repertoire in diversity. Like the tree, our music grows and develops without great effort. We are both deeply convinced that it only takes devotion and constant learning to bring forth the blossoms of what we have done.

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