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Hardly any other product has had such a positive influence on our musical life as the "Walkstool". In the beginning we tried a bunch of different versions of camping stools, which were either too big, too small, too fragile or too heavy.
With the discovery of the Walkstool all these problems were solved - a light, collapsible, stable stool with maximum seating comfort. Available to fit your height. What more could you want?
On tour we call our walktools "our home" and meanwhile creativity starts to flow as soon as our bodies sit on the stool.
Sounds fantastic - and it is!

We both grew about 180cm tall and we are both doing well with the 45cm stool! For slightly taller people we recommend the 55cm or 65cm version.

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Kaum ein Produkt hat unser Musikerleben so positiv beeinflusst wie der “Walkstool”. Anfänglich probierten wir uns durch verschiedene Varianten von Campingstühlen durch, die entweder zu groß, zu klein, zu zerbrechlich oder zu schwer waren. Mit der Entdeckung des Walkstools waren all diese Probleme gelöst - ein leichter, zusammenschiebbarer, stabiler Hocker mit maximalem Sitzkomfort. Erhältlich passend zu deiner Körpergröße. Was will man mehr? Auf Tour nennen wir unsere Walkstools “unser Zuhause” und mittlerweile fängt Kreativität an zu fließen sobald unsere Körper auf dem Hocker sitzen. Klingt fantastisch - ist auch so! Wir sind beide ungefähr 180 cm groß gewachsen und sind mit dem 45cm Hocker gut unterwegs! Für etwas größere Menschen empfehlen wir die 55cm bzw. 65cm Variante.


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  • How is the handpan shipped?

    Don't worry, we are used to pack and ship handpans, also overseas! To ensure even more protection each handpan is sold with our Yatao softbag. You can also choose to upgrade to our Namana soft- and harcases, but this is not required for the shipment. Please be aware that shipment to a destination outside of Europe will require customs registration and thus may take a longer time period.

    We ship with DHL and insure each package with at least 2500,-€.

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  • I am based outside of Europe, can I still buy a Handpan from you?

    In short: Yes! We are very happy to serve customers from all over the world. If your country is not available at the checkout , please get in touch!

    Please be aware that there will be additional import custom charges from your country you will have to cover. We can assist but can not give exact information about every country, this is the case for e.g. US, Canada, UK (since brexit) and more.

  • Why is the handpan not available?

    All products we sell are in stock. However, it can happen that certain products are sold out. Since we have permanent cooperations with our partners, all handpans or equipment products will be available again in the foreseeable future!

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  • Why is everything written in English?

    Due to the current circumstances we have to shift our focus towards international customers. Our handpan offer exclusivly targets international customers. Unfortunately we are not able to offer any handpans for German customers for the forseeable future.

    But: All other products like handpan bags, stools and stands are still available and purchasable for German customers. We hope we will be still your favourite place to come and thank you for your support!

    Leider dürfen wir zurzeit keine Handpans in Deutschland vetreiben oder anbieten. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung und hoffen, dass wir euch so lange mit unserem reichhaltigen Angebot an Handpan Zubehör helfen können! Danke für eure Untersstützung!